Vote David Bellow for Hardin County Judge March 4th 2014 Republican Primary Election

Thanks to everyone who came out on election day. I just got the numbers from the County Clerk and nearly 42% of election day voters voted Bellow and overall 40.38% voted Bellow. That is an amazing amount of support. Thank you so much to everyone who helped! I wish Wayne McDaniel the best as the next County Judge. Contested races get the voters more involved and aware of issues like tax increases and I am confident that, even though I lost, the county leadership will address these issues. Thanks and God Bless!

Statement from David Bellow regarding the Hardin County Judge election results:

Official Statement: The race was much closer than many expected, but the results are in and we have come up short with us getting 40.38% of the vote. I wish Mr. McDaniel all the best as our next county judge.

 I would particularly like to thank all the folks who helped out with my campaign. I couldn't have done it without you and I love the people on my campaign team. We were expected to get defeated in a landslide, but because of all the great people on our team we were one of the closest races in Hardin County and garnered about 40% of the vote.

 Please know I will never give up on fighting for conservative principles at all levels of government.



Early Vote NOW Feb 18th - 28th, Election Day March 4th....CLICK HERE for Hardin County TX 2014 Early Voting and Election Day info/times/locations including Lumberton, Silsbee, Kountze - Republican Primary


David Bellow has been Endorsed by many conservative organizations and people such as Judge Paul Pressler, Pro Life Nation, American Gun Rights, Texas Home School Coalition, and many more!


Texas A&M University: Political Science Degree, including law courses and a Master's Degree from Liberty University: Theological Studies


I am a Small Business Owner - Eden Pro Services

Eden Pro Services serves a large area from Lumberton to Conroe to College Station, and we employ several people. See more info below


Bellow believes in:

As County Judge, I will vote against ANY tax increase and will stop the deficit spending.


Currently the County is spending more than it brings in, depleting the reserve, and having to raise taxes.


Fair, Honest, Transparent Government


Defend County Residents from Unconstitutional Mandates from President Obama


Pro-Life and Pro-Guns

I was fighting pro abortion and anti gun Obama when most Hardin County Officials, including my opponent, were still on Obama's Democrat team.


Family Values - Christian Values


Former Senior Law Enforcement Officer

In order to run for political office, I resigned my position as an officer at the Maximum Security Penitentiary in Beaumont. I still think about my fellow officers. They put their lives on the line every day literally fighting with murderers, terrorists, and drug smugglers. When they transport inmates through the community, the officer and his/her gun is the only thing keeping the community safe from the dangerous felon. It is not the most glamorous of law enforcement jobs, but they are a vital part of the law enforcement community and many have died in the line of duty. Please pray for the safety of these men and women.



Click Here for more info about who David Bellow is, what he believes, and why he is the best candidate for the job


Click Here for more info about the important issues facing Hardin County that Bellow will immediately work on if elected. These important issues include stopping the county from raising taxes and stopping the county from spending more than it brings in. David Bellow will OPPOSE an tax increases and will cut waste spending. Bellow will also work to bring more industry and jobs into Hardin County to boost the County revenue and also lower unemployment

Christian Conservative Republican


I am a lifelong Lumberton, TX resident and am raising my family here.


The County Judge Votes with the Commissioners to create and approve a county budget, and set the tax rate.


CAP Property Tax Appraisal Increases at 5% or less

I call on the Texas Legislature to cap tax increases due to Appraisal Increases at 5% or less. Not only has Hardin County increased the Tax Rate, but appraisals have also skyrocketed which has increased the amount of taxes Hardin County residents must pay. These large increases create an undue burden on people who have not received any pay increases. It is not right that someone who has had the same house for 30 years has to sell their house because their appraisal has skyrocketed due to someone building an expensive house on the same street. This cap would not impact anyone with frozen appraisals. If you are already frozen you would stay frozen. This cap would only limit the amount that someone's appraisal can go up if their appraisal goes up.


Above: David Bellow with State Rep. James White and Governor Rick Perry. Governor Perry visited Hardin County and most Hardin County Officials snubbed the Republican Governor but David Bellow was there to show support.

Above: David Bellow with Attorney General Greg Abbott. David Bellow brought Greg Abbott to Southeast Texas to a Tea Party/Republican rally to support Conservative Values.


Veteran, Non Commissioned Officer


Above: David Bellow is a veteran of the military. Bellow rose up from a private to a Sergeant, including back to back years as being honored as his Battalion Soldier of the Year


David Bellow Filed a Lawsuit to Protect Texans from Obamacare

Bellow Stood Against Obama with Strong Conservatives such as Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Steve Stockman. Bellow even helped These strong conservative leaders get elected

Above: David Bellow campaigning for Candidate, now Senator, Ted Cruz who has been fighting against Obamacare in the U.S. Senate


Bellow walking the gun line at Fort Hood as a Combat Medic Sergeant






I am part owner of Eden Pro Services (Eden Pool Service). My brothers, brother in laws, and I started the company. It is part of the American Dream! For being a young company, we have really grown and been successful due to strong leadership and a fiscally conservative philosophy. We provide services from Lumberton to Conroe to College Station. The picture below is a picture of two of our employees and two of the company vehicles and here is our website - High Taxes can cripple companies and can kill jobs. I oppose tax increases. As a small business owner, I know the pain of tax time for a business. We just recently did ours. I OPPOSE tax increases and will work to develop new ways to being in industry and jobs to Hardin County. Part of this plan includes making sure Hardin County is business friendly and does not tax businesses to the point of driving them away (as has happened in Hardin County). The fiscal conservative philosophy I use in the company, and my new ideas of how to make government more efficient and effective, will help lead the County into the future. Vote David Bellow for Hardin County Judge!


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About Candidate David Bellows for Hardin County Judge is just what we need...Honesty and Fairness!
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About Candidate David Bellows for Hardin County Judge is just what we need...Honesty and Fairness!
David Bellow for Hardin County Judge
Vote for Conservative Republican David Bellow for County Judge of Hardin County, TX March 4th, 2014 in the Republican Primary Election.